DTH Social Media Fraud Scam

A Post on Social Media can Trap You

Boss, don’t tell me that this is the only way I can pay, why don’t you as always debit from my account directly? Are you a Social Media Fraudster?

No sir this has to be done only by UPI.

I don’t use UPI, Iam a credit card fellow and can pay if you send me the link or at least give me the PayTM number, will transfer since I keep some balance in my PayTM for small payments.

The conversation went back and forth for a few minutes, and finally, I had to tell the customer care agent: boss I am a Finance Professional, and now you have started taking a free tutorial for me! He finally hung up, gave up!

We nowadays find it easy to tweet our problems to the service providers, particularly the DTH and Mobile companies. They are easily accessible this way rather than calling the customer care number and sacrificing part of your life waiting for your turn to speak.

I had recently tweeted to my DTH service company on an issue, yes you got it right, Iam posting my personal experience with you all so that you all can share it extensively with your friends and relatives. Not all are going to be as lucky until they read this post.

Within a few hours, I get the call from the customer care of the DTH company, asking what the issue is. Upon explaining the problem, he asked my Subscriber Number. Red Alert! He calls me on my mobile number and doesn’t know my subscriber number?

I didn’t take the alert seriously and continued, and later I was told that there would be a small charge of Rs.10/- towards this. Fine with me, Iam sure only one in hundred may argue for such paltry amount.

Send SMS to this number, and you will get a link on which you need to fill and send the details. Super professionalism I tell myself.

Immediately upon sending the message, a link arrives. A Google Docs Form! And the last two columns needed details of UPI ID and UPI PIN. Red Alert again.

Modus Operandi: These fraudsters track our social media messages. Finds out our contact numbers, asks you to send a message for the link which makes us believe they are real. Rs.10/- initially will never make you suspicious and once you share your UPI ID and PIN, God Bless You!

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I Escaped the trap.

Vivek Karwa Vridhi Investment Advisers
Vivek Karwa

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