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Stock Market 2021

Happy Confusing New Year 2021

The Year 2020 was a pack of surprises, Will the New year 2021 keep the investors confused? How to invest in 2021?

Vridhi Investment Share Market Tips

Samvat 2077: Stay Positive Test Negative

Samvat 2077 is a year to stay positive on markets and economy and to stay negative from coronavirus

Buy Back Shares

Wipro Buy Back, should you sell your shares?

What does Buy-Back of shares mean? Wipro has announced a buyback, should you sell your shares or hold onto them?

p2p peer-to-peer lending vridhi investment advisers

P2P Lending FAQs

P2P Lending platforms can yield higher returns on your money compared to the traditional fixed deposits. Here are all your FAQ’s answered.

Corona effect on GDP Vridhi

Donald Trump positive. Share market sick

Donald Trump testing positive for COVID can keep world share markets on toes. Investors will watch developments closely.

DTH Social Media Fraud Scam

A Post on Social Media can Trap You

When you post your account details on social media, you are prone to receiving calls from fraudsters.

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